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Rim to River

Rim to River is a daily journal comic covering seven days of spectacular exploration—from rare wildlife to raging rapids to revelatory nights under the stars. 
In 2015 Lucy teamed up with Arizona River Runners to complete a watercolor travelogue bringing their guided Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips to life. Pages were penciled and inked and the end of each day on the river, then colored upon her return to Portland. Full color, staple bound. 
5" x 7.5"


Belknap's Waterproof Grand Canyon River Guide

A waterproof guide book that covers Glen Canyon Dam to Lake Mead. This book includes topographical maps of the canyon, rapids, campsites and historical sites and it has in depth explanations of the canyon's geological/human history.


Run the Wild Colorado! River Runners of the Grand Canyon DVD

Don Briggs' award-winning film "River Runners of the Grand Canyon" is a classic look at the strange history and heroic characters of Colorado River runners. It includes the "scoundrels, opportunists, explorers, engineers, eccentrics and madmen" over informative and entertaining two full hours of adventure. 
The film includes a 10-minute section on the late Martin Litton, and his role in saving the Grand Canyon and its Colorado for future generations of river-lovers.  
Also included are interviews and/or footage of Robert Kennedy, Barry Goldwater, Georgia White and many of the historic figures of the Colorado River, including the Kolb Brothers, Norman Nevilles, Bert Loper, Bus Hatch and other names familiar to river runners and passengers of a Grand Canyon river trip.